Empathetic, Knowledgeable Personal Trainer + Nutrition Coach

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What We Do

Chaotic Good Fitness empowers people to improve themselves through movement and habit changes. We help clients feel confident in their own bodies and set them up for success in their health and aesthetic goals.

Our Story

Chaotic Good Fitness is the creation of Keira Harbison, a lifelong nerd and educator who discovered weightlifting in college as a way to lose weight. They live in Atlanta, GA with their partner and pupper. When not picking up heavy things and putting them back down, they are playing board games, watching Doctor Who, or reading. They have been an ACSM certified personal trainer since 2018 and are ready to get you where you want to be!


Certifications: ACSM, Trauma Informed Weight Lifting, Silver Sneakers, and Precision Nutrition certified

Client Specializations: Beginners, Clients with ADHD, LGBTQ+ and Gender Affirming Training (but I work with lots of other people too!)

Medical Condition Experience: ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Joint Pain, Chronic Pain, Autoimmune conditions

A photo of Keira